Established 1996

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Established 1996

Family Owned & Operated

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Jennings Excavations Services

With over 30 years experience in excavation services in the Mornington Peninsula area, Jennings Excavations specialise in residential projects. Working with builders, contractors, plumbers, landscapers and home owners we offer a range of excavation services from land clearing and site preparation to retaining walls, pool excavations, driveways and everything in between. Our experienced team are fully trained, fully licensed and fully insured to ensure each project is professionally completed safely and efficiently. Our equipment is well maintained and serviced regularly so we know it is reliable.  

Residential Excavations

Excavation Services

Our expert team have over 30 years of 'hands-on' experience with a range of excavation service projects in Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula. From simple land clearings to challenging earthmoving works, our team will manage every step of the process for you from start to finish. The initial site inspection uncovers the project details, equipment requirements and timeframes, and when we've finished we'll leave the site clear ready for the next step.

Mornington Peninsula Driveways Excavation Services


Designing a new driveway, widening or replacing it altogether we have experience in driveways of all shapes and sizes.

Swimming Pool Excavation Services

Swimming Pool Excavations

Building a new pool? Let us come and dig the hole for you. Whether you are building a new backyard pool, spa or pond, or replacing an existing one, we'll complete the excavation removing the unwanted soil and debris and prepare the site for the new installation.

Land Clearing and Site Preparation | Mornington Peninsula Excavations

Land Clearing / Site Preparation

Knocking down a current structure or clearing land in preparation for your new construction project, we've got the equipment and team perfect for the job. We'll clear the land quickly, removing the debris and leave the land flat ready to go.

Mornington Peninsula Excavations | Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are our speciality. Whether you are building a new retaining wall or replacing an existing one we are experienced in constructing retaining walls made from a range of materials including sleepers (concrete or timber) and rock.

Post Hole Digger Excavation Services

Post Holes / Stump Holes

Post holes for footings, fence posts, retaining walls, houses, extensions, decking, tree planting and more. Our augers can drill post holes in most types of sand, soil and clay from 300mm to 600mm and up to 3.5m deep.

Footings and Trenches Excavation Services

Footings and Trenches

Working with engineers and builders we examine the site carefully before excavating trenches and footings for new constructions to ensure the natural surroundings have all been taken into consideration. With over 30 years experience in the Morning Peninsula area, we know the soil and landscapes well.

Tight Access Excavation Services

Tight Access Excavations

We love the challenge of tight access excavations. Whether we need to go through the front door or down a narrow side passage to access the backyard, a waterfront property or a steep block our equipment, and experienced operator can do the job.